Scary Maze Game 8

[kml_flashembed movie=” Maze Game 8.swf” height=”450″ width=”650″ /] For those who did not like the ball (dot) or even mouse characters of the previous scary maze games since they felt “unreal”, Scary Maze Game 8 is the ultimate solution for you. In this 8th version, the character you play is more animated giving the game… Continue reading Scary Maze Game 8

Scary Maze Game 7

[kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”450″ width=”650″ /] When technology meets brilliant minds, then you get nothing but the best. This “best” is what is embodied in Scary Maze Game 7. Whereas the objective of the game remains constant like that of the previous versions, that is to navigate your way through the maze; this version opens a… Continue reading Scary Maze Game 7

Scary Maze Game 6

[kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”450″ width=”650″ /] If there is one thing given to players of Scary Maze Game 6, that you can never get from the previous versions of the scary maze game; then it is the amazing concentration and focus skills. Of course, there is also the scary factor, so you better grow some nerves… Continue reading Scary Maze Game 6

Scary Maze Game 5

[kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”450″ width=”650″ /] With an improved realistic sound system, great clarity in video due to the enhanced graphics, and more challenging levels of the game, Scary Maze Game 5 is an epic encounter that you would not dare play. In this 5th version of the scary maze game series, the developers have given… Continue reading Scary Maze Game 5

Scary Maze Game 4

[kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”450″ width=”650″ /] Unlike most games where there are several instructions in order for you to play, Scary Maze Game 4 only has one simple rule for its players; do not touch the sides of the maze while navigating the mouse. If you do so, you fail the game and therefore have to… Continue reading Scary Maze Game 4

Scary Maze Game 3

[kml_flashembed movie=” Maze Game 3.swf” height=”450″ width=”650″ /] When was the last time someone surprised you or you surprised someone? Or better yet, when was the last you surprised yourself? If your answer is somewhere dates somewhere between yesterday and a long time ago, then you definitely have to play the epic Scary Maze Game… Continue reading Scary Maze Game 3

Scary Maze Game 2

[kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”450″ width=”650″ /] Looking at the nature of games released recently and those that pioneered the industry a while back, one cannot help noticing how game developers have greatly revolutionized these games. However, even with the 3D graphics, fine-tuned sounds, or even mind-boggling challenges of these recently developed games, people still find themselves… Continue reading Scary Maze Game 2

Scary Maze Game

[kml_flashembed movie=” maze game 1.swf” height=”450″ width=”650″ /] If you are looking for a fun-filled, adventurous, challenging and entertaining game to play, then there is no better option for you than the adrenaline-rushing Scary Maze Game 1. Despite sounding dangerous or scary, for that matter; the game is actually just thrilling—hence can be played by… Continue reading Scary Maze Game