Scary Maze Game

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If you are looking for a fun-filled, adventurous, challenging and entertaining game to play, then there is no better option for you than the adrenaline-rushing Scary Maze Game 1. Despite sounding dangerous or scary, for that matter; the game is actually just thrilling—hence can be played by both kids (preferably 12 years and above) and adults.

Notably, this was the first version released of the scary maze game series. This, essentially, is the reason it has very simple graphics. The game also has a simple objective to be achieved by the player; guide the dot through the game’s maze while ensuring that you do not hit the walls of the maze.

In order to consider yourself as having completed all the obstacles you must traverse through all the 4 levels (stages) of the game. Also, since the game has been played by millions of people across the world, you can play the game while striving to set a high score.

Unlike most complex games here you only need to use the mouse for navigation (when playing from a computer). The good news for its online players is that, since the graphics are simple, you can easily play the game online even on a computer with a low memory (RAM).

Once you have mastered the game, and witnessed its suspense and surprises, do not hesitate to invite a friend or even your siblings to try it out. After all, you will most definitely not want to keep all the fun to yourself after playing this game.