Scary Maze Game 8

Scary Maze Game 8
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For those who did not like the ball (dot) or even mouse characters of the previous scary maze games since they felt “unreal”, Scary Maze Game 8 is the ultimate solution for you. In this 8th version, the character you play is more animated giving the game a very realistic feel. This is further bettered by the superb graphics and the royal backdrop befitting for the “warrior” character that you play.
As it is with the earlier versions, you are required to navigate your way through the maze amidst its difficult levels, distractions and surprises. While journeying, you will be collecting the red dots which give you additional points. Your journeys through the 5 levels of the game become progressively difficult as you move from one stage to another. You should therefore be prepared to be patient, focused, enduring and very skilled if you are to behold the surprises that await you in the final levels.

It is important to note that the scary element in this version is very different from that of the previous versions. Here, the scary part has been tailored to be interesting while also suitable for children as young as 7 years.
Having been released recently, the game has been customized such that you can use some “cheats” when you are stuck. However, there would be no fun in doing that. You are better off learning the game and playing it like others; the hard way. It is only by doing so that you will get to feel the heartwarming sense of accomplishment that comes with completing the game fairly, even if you have to do so after trying several times.