Scary Maze Game 6

Scary Maze Game 6
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If there is one thing given to players of Scary Maze Game 6, that you can never get from the previous versions of the scary maze game; then it is the amazing concentration and focus skills. Of course, there is also the scary factor, so you better grow some nerves of steel, if you want to play it.
Like its predecessors, this version of the greatly loved scary maze game series has a simple objective for the player; guiding the ball through the maze to its end using the mouse only. Any contact with the sides of the maze leads to you starting the game at level 1, even if you had already progressed to level 3. And as if that is not difficult enough, the game has 5 levels to complete—with each level becoming increasingly daunting to complete.

Additionally, the pathways through the maze of this 6th sequel of the scary maze game is narrower. This gives you very little space to navigate through the maze thus making it quite difficult and requiring a lot of precision and concentration to play.
The shapes of the mazes here are also pretty amazing. In level 1, you get an S-shaped passage. In level 2, the pattern changes to an M-shape. In level 3, it is a combination of several irregular shapes which are curved and winding. For level 4 and 5, let’s just say the patterns and shapes should be the least of your worries. There are bigger surprises for you. If you want to know the surprises, find out for yourself by playing the game!