Scary Maze Game 5

Scary Maze Game 5
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With an improved realistic sound system, great clarity in video due to the enhanced graphics, and more challenging levels of the game, Scary Maze Game 5 is an epic encounter that you would not dare play. In this 5th version of the scary maze game series, the developers have given special attention to making it more challenging for you to find your way out of the maze.
The games can only be navigated using a mouse, with you being the pink dot (ball) that starts at the beginning of the maze. The aim here is to navigate your way out of the game’s maze. The completion of each level paves way to another level, until you complete the final level; level 4. As you progress through the levels, so does the difficulty increase. This offers more challenge and a chance for continuity to the gamers—which is very crucial in any given game.

In level 1, going navigating your way out of the maze, through its labyrinth-like structure is relatively easy.
In level 2, things get a little bit more difficult since the shape of the maze keeps on changing.
At level 3, there is a relatively wide path to move on thus making the level of average difficulty.
At level 4, the final level, there is not much difficulty, but there is an unexpected twist in terms of the game’s challenges. As a key note, if you fail at any of these levels, you are forced to go back and start afresh at level 1. One should therefore strive not to fault easily.