Scary Maze Game 3

[kml_flashembed movie=” Maze Game 3.swf” height=”450″ width=”650″ /]

When was the last time someone surprised you or you surprised someone? Or better yet, when was the last you surprised yourself? If your answer is somewhere dates somewhere between yesterday and a long time ago, then you definitely have to play the epic Scary Maze Game 3.
Unlike the previous versions of the scary maze game, this third version has graphics that are greatly improved, despite still being relatively basic—if compared to the 3D graphics used in the most recently developed games.
The aim of the game remains the same here, but with a slight modification; you should guide the little mouse carefully through the maze with the aim of reaching the cheese at the end of the maze. Great caution should be taken to avoid touching the maze’s sides or else you will fail and have to start the game afresh. This is very frustrating, but fun, based on the fact that the game has 5 levels.

Even more excitingly, the 5 levels of this game are interestingly different from those of the previous versions, maybe with exception of level 3 which is slightly similar to that of the previous versions. The bright colors, combined with the increased complexity and challenging nature of the game, makes playing this game very exhilarating.
As a precaution, parental discretion should be used for this game. And not that the game has any immoral content; it is just that the game may end up becoming too addictive or surprising for their tender age!